Oasis Palm Tree Anchoring Kit

An Oasis palm tree anchoring kit is an important part of successfully transplanting new palm plants. The Arecaceae botanical family is a popular choice for temperate climates. However, the plants are quite fragile once transplanted. Without the proper security the plant will not thrive, often dying. Some of the plants are rare and endangered, and the price can be steep for a single plant, so it is worth protecting the investment.

The patented system is unique, and the easy to follow instructions make it simple to use. The materials used in the construction are all high quality and reinforced to guarantee better results. But what exactly comes in a palm tree anchoring kit?

The belt, or collar, fastens around the trunk of the plant. It is secured with either a cam or ratchet buckle locking mechanism. The collar has three or four D-rings attached with reinforced loops. The number of loops is determined by the size of the system. It is also a natural color, so it camouflages easily into the surroundings.

The D-rings attach to the loops and the cables. The cables thickness depends on the system, and the length is commonly between 13 and 18 feet. However, the length can be customized upon request. The cables have turnbuckles in the middle to make it easier to adjust the system with plant growth.

Finally, the cables attach to four foot drive rods that go deep into undisturbed earth. The drive rods are not visible once in place, and they secure the plant safely to the ground, enabling them to withstand heavy wind and rain. The virtually invisible system is an invaluable resource that maximizes the plant’s chances of surviving the transplant.