Horticultural Consultant

Contracting the services of a horticultural consultant may well be one of the best routes to go for people, organizations, or commercial entities who wish to protect their investment and ensure their plant project continues to thrive.

Industry experts can contribute to the growth and propagation of flora in a number of ways. This is especially true when considering the installment of one or several palm trees – a notoriously fickle tropical plant that exhibits special needs that require in-depth knowledge to meet. Grant Stephenson and his company Horticultural Consultants Inc. is one of very few companies in the United States that specializes solely on palm trees and less than a handful of other tropical plants. The company has made the cultivation, handling and research of palms its center of expertise

Some of the services clients should expect from a professional advisor and the company’s third-party associates include.

  • Assistance in choosing the proper plant species to enhance the beauty of the premises, while considering all aspects of survival and prospering
  • Quality plants, preferably grown in-house or in the field to assure the best possible condition and appearance
  • Expert handling of plants at the originating location, in transit and at the destination site to minimize trauma and injury to the specimen
  • Tips on how to care for the plant and in-depth consultation regarding fertilization, pest control and other issues that may affect the plant’s health
  • Ongoing customer service and availability to answer questions or address concerns

Horticultural consultant Grant Stephenson and his company are prepared to meet all the needs of the client, as well as those of the tropical plant of choice.